Remember that guy who was, for lack of a better term husky, and used to rap with a toothy black feller in a group called Hangar 18? If you are like 98.6% of all Americans the answer is no, but if you are in that rare 1.4% whose rap knowledge/obsession and borderline inability to find steady labor then you remember all the glory of that one album that was pretty good and the other one that was kind of ehh but had a jam or two on it, and you most certainly know who Alaska is.

Ever wonder what happened to that booze-soaked heart-attack waiting to happen?


Well fuck you I am going to tell you anyway. He got sick of everyone because he is an anti-social asshole, quit rapping, went off and had a family, lost a lot of weight, and now…well you wouldn’t even be able to pick him out in a crowd and he likes it that way.

He also likes to rap and even after a few years away he still couldn’t kick the habit. What started out as only huffing rap glue on weekends turned into a full blown relapse. Now, well this fucker is writing album after album and by album he means EP, because who the fuck has time to write or listen to a full length? Not this skinny dad who raps well and dresses like a respectable adult, bro! I am also working a day job because I’m not an asshole and I have to pay for my kid’s school, because public school is for assholes, bro.