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Temper aka Tempz is an MC/Vocalist/Song-writer from Bremen/Germany. In the past 11 years he has performed at several hundred events Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Slowakia, Switzerland, the United States and all over Germany. He has hosted the sets of almost every big player on the worldwide Drum & Bass circuit, such as Andy C, Pendulum, Dirtyphonics, Goldie, Hype, Noisia, BSE, Adam F, High Contrast, Spor and Raiden, to name but a few.

His motto and live concept is “less is more”, as he let’s the music breath and seeks for the perfect moments to combine it with his various flows/lyrics and getting the crowd involved.

In 2007 he participated at the annual POPKURS – a contact studies at Hamburg’s University for Music & Theater. There he had a chance to work with and get to know all sorts of musicians with a lot of different musical backgrounds, instruments, ages and home-towns across Germany. And the courses held by professionals in their field helped to improve his vocal-, recording-, band leading- & performance-, but most of song-writing-skills.

In the last few years he spend more and more time in the studio and was busy collaborating with various DnB producers like Task Horizon & Silent Extent from Switzerland, C.V.I from Russia and mSdoS & MJT Code from Greece. Next to that he’s working on several projects in the musical genres of Hip-Hop, Rock, Dubstep, Nu Breakz, Electro, House, Trip-Hop and UK Garage.

During the week he is working as a booking agent for a couple of international DnB, Electro, Nu Breaks & Dubstep artists. He is also the founder and tour manager of the infamous CATCH DEM IF YOU CAN TOUR, which lead him and a few of his partners in crime to performances in places like Argentina, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Holland, Croatia, Slowakia and the United States. Often he was the first german (not only) Drum and Bass MC to perform in those areas.

In 2010 he had the pleasure of organizing and attending a North & South America tour thru Argentina, Bolivia, Canada and the United States with his partner in crime Task Horizon. Next to that he several international gigs with his various projects and also a few releases, such as Milk67’s cross-over album “3001XL”, the Nu Breaks track “Triforce” which was produced by the Augsburg/Germany based producer duo Hanuman Tribe and was released on their label Riot Riot Records and yet another EP alongside Milk67.

One of the highlights of 2011 was the Exclusive track with Dead Rabbit & Gerard MC òn the CD of Europe`s biggest selling Hip-Hop magazine JUICE as well as another Exclusive for the website with Dead Rabbit and Chefkoch. Next to being busy touring Europe he spend a lot of time in the studio.

He is currently working on a lot of collaborations, features and songs in the genres of Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Hip-Hop and Rock with several international producers like Maztek, AK 1200 & WPL, Exorcist, Kryteria, Dead Rabbit , DBase, EFX, Cycles, Klid, 1 da Bar and many more.
Further he started to put his focus on Trap, Glitch-Hop, Dubstep and last but least Hip-Hop. 2 new residencies (Hip-Hip Districtin his hometown and many gigs and well as planned gigs across Europe and a North-America tour are the result of his short but intensive work with DJ Cold Cut.
Furthermore he is currently workin on a Hip-Hop EP with infamous platinum – Green Berlin producer Dead Rabbit, which will be released in early 2014. Next to that he workin on a lot of other free tracks, features and tracks for his and Dead Rabit`s album, to name a few projects.
2014 is looking to be a sucessful, unique and important year for MC Temper.


(Close 2 Death, Have-A-Break, Suspect Device, Climate Records, Riot Riot, Kings of the Jungle, Gorilla DnB, TiefTonTage, Hip-Hop District, etc.)

HOMEBASE: Bremen/Germany



– MILK67 feat TEMPER – FEELIN PEPPY (678 Productions – 3001XL ALBUM)
– MILK67 feat TEMPER – WATCH OUT (678 Productions – 3001XL ALBUM)
– MILK67 feat TEMPER – YOU JUST DON`T GET IT (678 Productions – 3001XL ALBUM)
– MILK67 feat TEMPER – MY LOVE IS A FEVER (678 Productions – 3001XL ALBUM)
– HANUMAN TRIBE feat TEMPER – TRIFORCE (Riot Riot Recordings – RRB 001)
– HANUMAN TRIBE feat TEMPER – TRIFORCE (Grimey FourFour RMX) (Riot Riot Recordings – RRB 001)
– MILK67 feat MC TEMPER – 2DAY IS THE DAY (678 Productions – 2Day is the Day EP)
– MC TEMPER – LET GO (Call me Deady EP – Green Berlin)
– MC TEMPER feat Gerard MC – PEOPLEZ TALK (JUICE MAGAZINE Exclusive – Juice Mag CD #109)
– MC TEMPER feat Chefkoch – THEY TALK THE TALK (HIPHOP.DE Exclusive/Track of the month)
– COLOURZ feat MC TEMPER – LIQUIDATION (Have-A-Break Recordings – Germany – HAB031)
– FURMAN feat MC TEMPER – HARD TIMEZ RMX (Suspect Device – Italy – SUS037)
– STEREOTYPE feat MC TEMPER – REALITY (Climate Records – Australia – CLIMATE010D)


ACHIM (Dröönläänd, Summer Night Jam), ADELSHEIM (Live Factory), AUGSBURG (Mahagoni Bar, Schwarzes Schaaf), AURICH (JuZ), BERLIN (Cassiopaia, Lido, MfE, RAW Tempel, VCF), BRAUNSCHWEIG (Amun Club, Brain Club, Toxic, Unique), BOCHUM (Evebar, Katholikentagsbahnhof, Ruhrpuls Festival 06), BOON (Soundarena NYE 2012 @ Nordpark Stadion), BREMEN (2 Raum Lounge, Aladin, Belmondo, Buchte, daslebenmeintesgutmitdir, D’Sign, ELZ, Lightplanke, Lila Eule, Magazinkeller, Modernes, Mo:House, Moments, Neue Welt, OK Bremen – 92,5FM, Pier 2, Pixl Club, Rosige Zeiten, Römer, Shark Lounge, Stadthalle 3 & 7, Ting!, Tivoli, T.V. Rot Weiss, Underdock, Viertelfest, Visionparade 2002-5) BUCHHOLZ i.d.N. (Atmosphäre 412), CHEMNITZ (Cube Club), COLOGNE (Artheater, Bogen 2, Odonien, Gebäude 9, Kolbhalle, KunstWerk, Papierfabrik, Stadtgarten, Studio 672), DOERPEN (Stricker), DORTMUND (Suite 23), DUESSELDORF (Soundroom), EMDEN (Madison), ESSEN (Capri Bar, Goethe Bunker, Roxy, Unperfekthaus), FRANKFURT (Cafe Kuruschlusz), FREIBURG (Z-Kulturzentrum), GOETTINGEN (Electroosho), GRASBERG (Meat the Beatz Open Air 2004-7), HAMBURG (Barbarabar, Diamond Club, Edelfettwerk, Foo Club, Fundbureau, Hochschule für Musik & Theater, Huehnerposten, Knust, Markthalle, Rote Flora, Zwischendeck), HAMELN (Sumpfblume), HANNOVER (Capitol, Engel 07, Factory, Faust, GiG Neue Welt, Musiktheater Bad, Pavillion), HEIDELBERG (Klub K, Volkano), HILDESHEIM (Kulturfabrik Löseke), INGOLSTADT (Maki Club), KASTELLAUN (Nature One 2005/6), KIEL (Orange Club), KOBLENZ (Grande Massife Open Air 2008), LAHR (Universal D.O.G.), LANDAU (Colosseum), LUEBECK (Nightlife, Rider’s Cafe, Victoria Lounge), MANNHEIM (Das Zimmer, Lagerhaus, Maimarkthalle, MS Connexion, Siebener), MUENSTER (Favela, Fusion Club, Triptychon), MOENCHENGLADBACH: (Project 42), NORDDEICH (Meta), OBERHAUSEN (Druckluft), OLDENBURG (Remix), OSNABRUECK (Buerohouse, Mimmi`s, SubstAnZ, Unikeller), PADERBORN (Cube Club), PEINE (Tuning Bar – Ex-A2), ROSTOCK (MAU, MS Stubnitz, Inter Club, Toxis, Zwischenbau), SCHNEVERDINGEN (Move your Ass – Festival), SPEYER (Halle 101), ULM (El Rubio), STEMWEDE (Stemweder Open-Air Festival 2012), VERDEN (Stadthalle), VECHTA (Chill-Out), WUERZBURG (Zauberberg) and WUPPERTAL (45RPM).


– Buenos Aires (160mas @ Bahrein) (w/ Task Horizon)

– Linz (The Hive @ Cembrankeller) (w/ Task Horizon)

– Montreal (KO @ Petit Cafe) (w/ Task Horizon)
– Quebec (UpSessions @ Sonar Nightclub) (w/ Task Horizon)

– Zagreb (JabbaTon @ KSET) (w/ JFB UK DMC Champ 07)

– Lahti (RUMBLE!! @ Torvi) (w/ W.P.L) (Nov 2012)
– Lahti (RUMBLE!! @ Torvi) (w/ THEDSTROY) (Oct 2013)

– Paris (Pre-Release Live Gig @ Neo Club) (w/ Milk67)

– Amsterdam (Cheeky Monday @ Winston Kingdom – X-Mas 06 & 09)
– Ede (Gelderland) (Purple Bass Festival)
– Heerlen (Limburg) (DNNB 22 @ Nieuwe Nor) (w/ Black Sun Empire)
– Heerlen (Limburg) (Massive NYE @ Niuewe Nor) (w/ Raffertie)
– Heerlen (Limburg) (DNNB 16 @ Nieuwe Nor) (w/ Task Horizon)
– Heerlen (Limburg) (DNNB 11 @ Niuewe Nor) (w/ Dirk D)
– Nijmegen (Deep Cutz Rave @ Waalhalla) (w/ Giana Brotherz & Melcut)
– Nijmegen (Deep Cutz invites Strike Back @ Old Cave) (w/ Wreckage Machinery & Selecta)

– Ancona (Gorilla DnB @ Decibel) (w/ Massi Gee) (Feb 2013)
– Ancona (Gorilla DnB @ Decibel) (w/ W.P.L & Noname) (Jan 2013)
– Ancona (Gorilla DnB @ Decibel) (w/ Selecta) (Oct 2012)
– Ancona (Solid Soul DnB @ Decibel) (w/ Ambush!) (Jan 2012)
– Cremona (Sound Clash @ Kavarna) (w/ Neonlight) (May 2011)
– Macerata (Solidsoul DnB @ Extra) (w/ Giana Brotherz) (Mar 2012)
– Macerata (Solidsoul DnB @ Extra) (w/ Neonlight) (May 2011)
– Prad a.S./Pratto allo Stelvio – Tirol (Tinnitus @ Ladum) (w/ Task Horizon)
(Feb 2010)

– Moscow (2 Forces Clash II @ Plan B) (w/ Dirk D)

– Bratislava (3 years Nudance @ Subclub) (w/ Dephanx & Callisto)

– Berne (Metalheadz 10th Anniversary @ Reithalle) (w/ Cronix & Gentriss)
– Berne (RaBass @ Formbar) (w/ Cyantific & Lockee)
– Berne (Drop! @ Gaskessel) (w/ Dirk D)
– Berne (DnB @ Les Amis) (w/ Lockee)
– Berne (DnB @ Propellerbar) (w/ MC Matt)
– Berne (DnB @ RaBe 95,6FM) (w/ Lockee & Ryck)
– Sarnen (Drum and Bass @ Castle Landenberg) (w/ Mampi Swift & Task Horizon)
– Zurich (Street Parade 2002 @ Bar au Lac) (w/ Kaylab & MC Motion)
– Zurich (Record Release & Pre-Release Party @ Hive) (w/ Milk67)
– Zurich (Kings of the Jungle @ Rohstofflager) (w/ Task Horizon, Silent Extent, Dirk D & MC Navigator)
– Zurich (Streetparade 2003 @ Moods im Schiffsbau) (w/ MC Little Monk)
– Zurich (Regeneration @ Provitreff) (w/ Task Horizon)
– Zurich (UK Garage @ Skebe) (w/ Kaylab & Motion)
– Zurich (Streetparade 2010 @ Big Bang Mobile) (w/ Milk67 & Circumflux)
– Zurich (Streetparade 2003 @ Warehouse) (w/ Kaylab & MC Motion)
– Zurich (Battle of the MC`s @ X-Tra Palais) (w/ Kaylab & MC Motion)

– Baltimore, MD (Konkrete Jungle @ Sonar)
– Costa Mesa, CA (Upgrade @ Tiki Bar) (w/ Task Horizon)
– Miami, FL (WODB @ Area 51, Laundry Bar, Liquor Lounge, WMC) (w/ Silent Extent)
– Houston, TX (Engine Room, Ghost in the Machine @ The Orbit Room) (w/ Silent Extent)
– Pomona, CA (Church @ Friar Tucks) (w/ Task Horizon)
– San Diego, CA (Organized Grime @ KC`s) (w/ Task Horizon)
– San Fernando, CA (Timeless @ The Little Rock) (w/ Task Horizon)


Nature One Festival 05′ & 06′ (Kastellaun/Germany), MILK67 “3001XL” Record Release Live Gig @ Hive (Zurich/Switzerland), Marsimoto “Grüner Samt” Record Release Party @ Lido (Berlin/Germany), Marsimoto Green Tour Start @ Modernes (Bremen/Germany), Kings of the Jungle @ Rohstofflager (Zurich/Switzerland), North & South America Tour 2010 (Montreal & Quebec/Canada, Buenos Aires/Argentina, Costa Mesa, San Fernando, Pomona & San Diego/USA) (March/April 2010), USA Tour 2008 (Miami, Houston, Baltimore) (March/April 2008), 2 Forces Clash @ Plan B (Moscow/Russia), DNNB 11 & 16 XMassive Edition @ Nieuwe Nor (Heerlen/Holland), Milk67 & Professor Moore Big Bang Truck @ Streetparade 2010 (Zurich/Switzerland), Tinnitus @ Ladum (Prad a.S. – Pratto allo Stelvio/Italy), Visionparade 02′, 03′, 04′ & 05′ (Bremen/Germany), One Nation Germany (Mannheim/Germany), Metalheadz 10th Anniversary Tour NYE (Berne/Switzerland), JabbaTon @ KSET (Zagreb/Croatia), Ready to Rumble (Ulm/Germany), Innovation (Hamburg/Germany), Kings of the Jungle – The Festival (Mannheim/Germany), Ruhrpuls Festival (Bochum), Vibez-Club (Mannheim/Germany), Garage City (Zurich/Switzerland), Fully Loaded @ MS Stubnitz (Rostock/Germany), Garage Fever (Zurich/Switzerland), a.m.m.


Adam F, Altern8, Amaning, Andy C, Aphrodite, Ash-A-Tack, Bad Company, Bailey, Baron, Bassface Sascha, Black Sun Empire, Blame, Break, Brockie, Bryan G, Bungle, Calyx, Cooh, Counterstrike, Crazy Legs, Crissy Chris, Crossfire, Cyantific, Danny Byrd, Darren Jay, Dead Rabbit, Dementia, Devnik, Dfunk, Die, Dirtyphonics, Distorted Minds, Doc Scott, Dom & Roland, Dope Ammo, Dstar, Dusk (ADMA Winner), E.Decay, Flore, Freeze, Goldie, Grooverider, Hazard, High Contrast, Hype, Hyx, Icicle, JFB (UK DMC 07 Champ), Kasha, Kasra, Kenny Ken, Kid Fresh (3x DMC Champ), Lenzman, Loadstar, Logan D, Logistics, Lomax, Lost Sequence, Mampi Swift, Marusha, Mason, Matrix, MC CKP, MC Deemas J, MC Dynamite, MC Fatman D, MC Juiceman, MC Navigator, MC Sharkie P, MC Shortston, MC Soultrain, MC Vision, Mickey Finn, MTC Yaw, N.D., Neonlight, Nicky Blackmarket, NME Click, Noisia, Nu:Tone, Nymfo, Pendulum, Phace, Potencial Badboy, Raffertie, Raiden, Random Movement, Ray Keith, Realtime, Resonant Evil, Rusher, Rregula, Shimon, Simon “Bassline” Smith, Social Security, Spor, Squirrel, SS, State of Mind, Subfocus, Supreme Being, Syncopix, Task Horizon, Teebee, The Invaderz, Trei, Tyson, Jazz, Vicious Circle, Wilkinson, Wreckage Machinery, Xample, X-Plorer a.m.m.