Heavily influenced and intrigued by hip hop and dancehall/reggae from a young age. Started out looping the end of songs before the fade to make instrumentals. At 14, recorded with a “ultra make-shift” studio and has been into creating music since about 2003. Younger relatives used the MTV Music Generator PC program which was the first taste of music production. Has been in love ever since learning aong the way.

Around the time 50 Cent dropped “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, Dun Dem Crew was created. Started making beats on Fruity Loops and recording music in Adobe Audition. Making beats everyday some good some horrible, but was steady learning. Managed to progress and worked up to 3 beats a day on a good day.

Since then, writing lyrics and song making never stopped, although many times it was postponed. Numerous PC crashes would caused the loss of all my original music several times. Regaurdless of any set-backs, continued to persevere the love of creating music and eventually moved on from Fruity Loops and Adobe Audition to Reason and Pro Tools.

“Practice makes better, I just want to be honored among the best of the best and contribute my piece of mind.” -Kwamizzle