TriXstar – Dancehall Terrorist aka Terrorist of Love

At the early age of 15, the talented female Persian Artist, TriXstar started making music with a great passion. Her love for music and her unique beautiful voice were first dedicated to HipHop but soon turned over to MCing over Drum and Bass and then finally to Dancehall Music.

TriXstar has been hooked on dancehall from that day on. Not love at first sight, but more like love at first listen. TriXstar came out with a bang and in her the early stages of her career, she worked with various international artists and found a great response inside the web-community.

TriXstar began travelling and performing in Germany, Sweden, Austria and Italy, with songs like “Tonight“ or “Dancehall Style“, which are published on Soundcloud and Reverbnation. In 2011 TriXstar supported the young fashion label “Conscious Clothings” from Vienna/and Austria with the claim,” Be aware of what you wear and what you represent!“.

Conscious Clothings helped to promote TriXstar’s music in Vienna’s dancehall scene. She performed with several artists from Vienna and Jamaica, like Emiliano Vitek and Jah Vinci.
TriXstar also played the live support for Busy Signal in Vienna’s Volksgarten.

Since the summer of 2011 you can listen to her powerful tune “Blazin Fire” on the Billboard riddim selection, which is produced by Luke Rich and released on Bassrunner music.
Back in Germany TriXstar performed on the reggae floor at Juicy Beats Festival in Dortmund for the first time. Juicy Beats is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Germany.
In the end of 2011 she published her first song Beautiful Day (Dixi Riddim selection/Bassrunner) and showed the potential and talent of being a very successful, international artist. This resulted into her first tour in 2012, Blazin Fire Austria, where she successfully presented German dancehall abroad.
The following summer, her video Beautiful Day was launched, followed by the song New Era with Boomrush. TriXstar mostly relates to Dancehall and Reggae, with tunes like “When Lovin Takes A Place”. She stepped out of the pattern and demonstrated her musical abilities and her awareness of the real roots of Reggae with a Rock Steady Riddim.
TriXstar express a great love for the people through the love of Reggae and Dancehall music. By interacting with the people in her community and spreading love. This beautiful and passionate artist seizes every moment to play with bands, work with artists at every moment possible. Music is her life, and she lives music.
Her energetic live performances and sizzling warm up shows are well known all over Europe. TriXstar has performed everywhere from Switzerland to Belgium.From Austria to the Netherlands. From Italy to Sweden.
Whether it’s a festival show, a radio broadcast, Hip Hop club, sounds system show or backed by a live band, TriXstar will give the people nothing but music! When she gets a mic, she sets it on fire!
TriXstar definitely is the uncrowned Queen of Dancehall in Germany when it comes to singing and deejaying lyrics. With her beautiful voice, soothing melodies, and atmospheric lyrics, she offers quite a something to everyone.
This phenomenal artist gives you conscious music along with music that will make you just wana dance all night long, to music that would make you wana fall in love. TriXstar does it all and more! She loves working and collaborating with artists from various nationalities as she knows and believes that music has no boundaries and music is her way of connecting with and touching people.
Busy in the studio and being the hard worker that she is, Trix is working on her first solo album to give the music world her ongoing passion for her way of life, which is love and music.
TriXstar continues to work and push hard because of the mindset she has, which is, music being her life, her purpose and her mission. And with music being her weapon, she works night and day to spread love and change the world in a positive way.
You can catch the Terrorist of Love, either performing somewhere in Germany or recording a new song in a studio.Some of her great and personal highlights of last year are guest appearances on Ganja man’s Showcase at Reggae Jam 2013.Warm up shows for Christopher Martin, Left Side, Romain Virgo at Rude 7, Mannheim, Germany, just to name a few.
The future is bright for this young and rising talent. Her beautiful smile, her warm spirit, loving heart and lioness of a soul, puts her in a category all by herself. A refreshing sound it is, to the ears of music lovers when a young woman is giving the world love through music. Ladies and gentlemen, the dance hall terrorist herself, the one and the only… TriXstar!

Stay Tuned !!!